Our Services ——

Providing Care for All of Your Pediatric Therapy Needs

Public/Private School Therapy Services

OT Connection contracts with local public and private schools on occasion, including charter schools to provide pediatric therapists (Speech, OT, and PT) to supplement school staffing requirements for students with Individualized Educational Programs. (IEP).

OT Connection is able to provides therapy services to  area elementary, middle, and high schools. Therapy services focus on educationally related needs to assist children with achieving a greater level of independence in the classroom and educational setting.

IEP Goals and Objectives are functionally based and measurable to allow students to make significant progress in a variety of educational areas, including: handwriting/keyboarding skills, upper body/hand use, self-care skills, adaptive attention and self-regulation techniques, bilateral coordination, motor planning/task completion, adaptive techniques, equipment, and other modifications as needed to ensure the greatest level of success and independence in the educational setting.

What we offer

  • Evaluations/3-Year Re-evaluations
  • Consultation/Screenings
  • Direct Service/In-Class and pull-out
  • Small Group Treatment
  • Collaboration with IEP team members and other school staff

Additionally, we are prepared to assist your child’s school as needed in the administration of outside/secondary evaluations (IEE’s), re-evaluation’s, and individual screenings.
We also serve as a referral source for families who are interested in receiving or supplementing therapy for their child in a private setting, and can provide your school with informational brochures to share with these families.