Private School Therapy

Private School Therapy Services

OT Connection (through its affiliated organization) partners with local private schools to provide a variety of on campus pediatric therapy services (including Speech, OT, and PT) to support students,  parents, teachers and administrators.


Student Services:

  • Private Therapy – Students receive direct, onsite hourly therapy services.  Parents love this option as it alleviates the need to pick up and transport their child to and from a clinic.  The student receives their therapy in a holistic and inclusive environment and also builds a more cohesive connection between the student, teacher and therapist.
  •  Small Group Therapy – Lead by licensed therapist students receive  the same personalized services, but in a small group settings with their peers.  Parents love this option because it significantly reduces the overall expense of their therapy without compromising quality.   Group sessions include (but are not limited to): handwriting, sensory-motor and social skills.

Parent Support Services: 

  • On-Campus Presentations– It’s not uncommon for parents to be overwhelmed with the best way to help their child be as successful as possible in a classroom setting.  We offer supportive parent presentations to offer insights into some of the reasons children may struggle in school or at home.  Typical areas we cover include: emotional outbursts, transitioning between activities, routine task completion (brushing teeth, getting dressed, tying shoes, etc.), peer relations, play skills, listening and following directions, and academic skills (reading, writing, coloring, cutting, etc.)
  •  Private Consulting – Sometimes parents just need an empathetic professional to problem solve with.  Since our staff is already on campus, we are available to conduct onsite observations and work with you to develop an action plan that best supports the family’s needs.


Teacher Training and Support: 

Classroom Observations – At the teachers request, we are available to observe in-class activities to better understand a child’s individual needs and provide recommendations to maximize the student’s academic success.

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences – Our therapists are available to attend parent/teacher conferences to act as a professional liaison while contributing clinical assessments and recommendations.
  • Classroom/Environmental Modifications – It can be surprising to discover how much a child’s environment can impact their academic experience.  Our staff will work closely with you to optimize the classroom layout and design to best support the student’s learning.

Administrator Support: 

  • Playground Design – If you are considering redesigning the playground, or adding new equipment, our staff is able to provide you with a fresh set of ideas that promotes overall child development.
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